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Carithers Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flower Design For Brittany & Cody by Carithers Flowers

Carithers Flowers provided the wedding flower design for Brittany and Cody’s wedding. The wedding took place at the Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club. The wedding venue is located at 8000 Capps Ferry Rd, Douglasville, GA. Carithers wedding design professionals created the gorgeous bridal bouquet, then matched the flowers and design of the bridesmaid flowers to create the perfect theme. Our design staff then created the handsome boutonniere for Cody and mirrored the design of the boutonnieres for the groomsmen. We created stunning chapel flowers, reception flowers and flowers for the cake and much more.

The bride, Brittany, was really hoping to make a huge impression on her wedding guests. She wanted this wedding to be one that people would remember for a long time. More importantly, this special event was something Brittany wanted to remember the rest of her life. She wanted a pink and white color scheme. She preferred a very modern look and feel to the flowers. Carithers designers utilized a number of different floral varieties. They created the base designs using beautiful Ecuadorian pink, white and orange roses. These roses were utilize for bouquets, reception flowers and for the outdoor chapel flowers. The wedding bouquet is what we call a “Nosegay” style. As you can see from the photos, we matched the bridesmaid bouquets to the bridal bouquet. The color scheme worked perfectly with the dress style and color scheme. This wedding was absolutely stunning!

What really made this wedding a challenge for our design team was the fact that we were dealing with floral design and decorations for both indoor and outdoor venues. The challenge seemed daunting at first, but, the more we thought about it, the more it offered the opportunity for some real creativity. As with all weddings, we started with the creation of the bridal bouquet and bridesmaid flowers. Once we nailed that piece of the design, we used the color scheme and flower choices and turned our energy towards the creation of pew flowers for the outdoor sitting area. Then we created floral arches and wedding flower pedestals. The creativity was really flowing by this point. The indoor venues provided the perfect environment for us to use some unique floral decorations, such as the antique black candle lamps you see.  We went all out on the reception table centerpieces and free standing flower designs. This wedding was really fun!

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