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Carithers Wedding Flowers

Wedding Design & Decor For Elise & Maurice

Carithers Flowers handled wedding flower design & decor for the Haskett & Logan wedding. The couple were married at the Tate House in North Georgia. The Tate House is located in Tate Georgia at 61 Georgia Marble Rd, Tate, GA 30177. The Tate House has become one of the favorite wedding destinations for people seeking a unique and historic wedding and special holiday event venue. The wedding took place in October of 2015.

Wedding Flower Design & Decor is a specialty for Carithers Flowers. We have been serving brides in the Atlanta metropolitan area for more than 40 years. We have a team of expert wedding flower designers who love to create beautiful, unique and upscale Wedding Flowers. For this particular wedding, our design team was asked to create Bridal Bouquets, Bridesmaid Bouquets, flowers for the Groom and Groomsmen, Chapel Flowers and flowers and decoration for the Reception and Cake. As you can see from the photos provided, the bride was seeking to create a very special ambiance and tone for the special event. The flowers and decor, along with the gorgeous Tate House wedding venue, really helped her to create a wedding to be remembered.

The wedding bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets were all hand-tied designs, created with a white and blue color scheme. They matched beautifully with the bride and bridesmaid gowns. We used a number of flower varieties to create the perfect wedding theme and environment for the ceremony and reception. Flowers used included stunning Hydrangea, gorgeous Delphinium, Trix and Lisianthus.




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